Evidence of the creation of Maya civilization by aliens

In 1839, explorer Stephens led a team to discover several magnificent pyramids, many rich palaces, and a highly accurate calendar with strange hieroglyphs carved on the slate So far, the Maya civilization, known as the miracle of human civilization, gradually appeared in people’s vision. As one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the 20th century, the Maya civilization, once announced, immediately triggered a rare earthquake in the world archaeological history! Since John Middleton; Since Stephens first discovered the ancient Mayan civilization site in the tropical jungle of Honduras, archaeologists…

In 1839, explorer Stephens led a team to discover several magnificent pyramids, many rich palaces, and a highly accurate calendar with strange hieroglyphs carved on the slate So far, the Maya civilization, known as the miracle of human civilization, gradually appeared in people’s vision. As one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the 20th century, the

Maya civilization, once announced, immediately triggered a rare earthquake in the world archaeological history!

Since John Middleton; Since Stephens first discovered the ancient Mayan civilization site in the tropical jungle of Honduras, archaeologists from all over the world have found more than 170 abandoned ancient Mayan city sites in the jungles and wastelands of China and the United States. The Mayan civilization trace starts from Yucatan half island in Mexico in the north, and ends in Guatemala and Honduras in the south, and ends in the Andes.


Ancient Maya civilization site

This mysterious nation has built a huge building of amazing scale in the tropical jungle of South America.

the magnificent city of Tikal, with its computer restoration map appearing in front of people, many modern city designers also lament that, for example, the palace of Palenque, built in the 7th century, is 100 meters long and 80 meters wide.

The governor’s mansion in Uxmal is composed of 22500 stone carvings, all of which are well-designed. Although the roof of the samurai temple in middot; Itza has disappeared, the towering 1000 stone pillars are still reminiscent of the spirit of that time


Governor’s house of Uxmal

All this makes people feel that this is an extraordinary nation.

with the further study of Maya culture, people are surprised to find that the Maya people thousands of years ago had unparalleled mathematical attainments and unique enigmatic characters

Moreover, the huge buildings in Qiqin middot; Itza, Tikal, Palenque and other places are not from the needs of the real life of the Maya people, but are built strictly according to the magical Maya calendar cycle

How accurate are the calendars and astronomical knowledge of the Maya people? They divide a year into 18 months. They estimate the earth’s year as 365.2420 days, and modern people estimate it as 365.2422 days, with an error of only 0.0002 days, that is to say, the error of about 5000 years is only one day


这是个多么令人难以置信的数字!几千年前的玛雅人怎么能有这么精确的计算他们还保持着一种特殊的宗教纪年法,一年分为18个月,每月20天,称为卓金年 .

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Where this calendar came from is really puzzling


How accurate are the Mayan calendar and astronomical knowledge

Because this chronology is not based on the movement of any kind of celestial body observed on the earth.

, some people think that the calendar of the “Zhuojin year” was made by the ancestors of the Maya according to another planet that we do not know yet

The Maya had mastered the concept of “0” at least in the 4th century BC, 800 to 1000 years earlier than the Chinese and Europeans.

they also created the 20 digit counting method, and their numerical calculation can be used for 4 million years later.


The Mayan astrolabe for the study of astronomical calendar

Such a huge astronomical figure can only be used in modern interstellar navigation and the measurement of the distance between stars.

but thousands of years ago, the Maya cultivated land by slash and burn, covered with leaves, and exchanged things with cocoa beans as the medium. Do they use such a figure calculation?

The Mayan calendar can last for 400 million years. The difference between the sun year and the Venus year he calculated can be accurate to four digits after the decimal point. They have their own characters, which are hieroglyphs composed of 800 symbols and figures, with a vocabulary of 30000.

they have exquisite sculpture, painting and art.

However, before the birth of this high civilization, how could such a primitive tribe suddenly have such a high civilization?

Even in the 16th century, the Indians the Spaniards saw on the Yucatan Peninsula, full of historic sites, lived in mud huts with leaves to collect and hunt for a living Obviously, the precise astronomical calendar and mathematics, the civilization and art admired by the whole world, are far beyond the actual needs of the local Indians for their near primitive life


Once brilliant Maya civilization

This makes anyone have deep doubts: How did the ancient Maya get the profound knowledge? How did the splendid Maya culture come into being and then disappear?



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Mayan slate

But in the sixties, after people entered space by spaceship, the American scientists who had participated in the aerospace research suddenly realized that the picture carved on the stone plate of Palenque turned out to be a picture of astronauts driving a spacecraft!

Despite the patterned deformation, the spaceship’s air intake, exhaust pipe, control rod, foot pedal, rudder, antenna, hose and various instruments are still clearly visible. When the picture of

was sent to the U.S. Space Center, those Aerospace experts were all amazed and agreed that it was the ancient spacecraft.

This may seem incredible, but it’s a real fact

Therefore, some scholars put forward a bold view: they think that in the remote ancient times, there might have been a group of alien intelligent life with high civilization in the tropical jungle of America. They walked out of the spacecraft, taught various advanced knowledge to the Maya people in the primitive era, and then drifted away.

they were regarded as gods by the Maya people.

The most incomprehensible and profound knowledge in Maya culture is from the teaching of aliens


It’s believed to be an ancient spacecraft

The carvings on the Palenque slate are also the imitations of the Maya to the extraterrestrials.

when the extraterrestrials left, they promised to return to earth, but they did not return in the days when the Maya’s pursuit of the priests predicted the return of the gods

This led to the loss of the Maya’s faith in their religion and priestly rule, which led to the collapse of the whole nation’s psychology, and finally led to the departure of people from their hometown and their separation


Astronaut sculpture

The Mayan culture disappeared in this way.

maybe people will accuse this view of having too many hypotheses.

but even if we deny this view, we still can not fully explain the mysterious connotation of the Mayan culture, the many incredible miracles, and the reasons for its sudden disappearance.

The mystery of Maya ancient tunnel



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The secret entrance to the tunnel is guarded by an Indian tribe (descended from the ancient Maya).

they say that this is the place where the “gods” live. They abide by the ancestral precepts and keep it for generations

In the ancient tunnel, archaeologists have found many ancient cultural relics, which are placed in many caves in the tunnel. What makes archaeologists more excited is that some metal leaves with symbols and hieroglyphs, as well as stone tools and metal products with different shapes and colors.

unfortunately, no one has been able to decipher these words until now

The cave wall of the tunnel is smooth and smooth. It seems to be polished and at right angles to the ground. The cave top of the

is flat, like a layer of glaze, not like natural formation, but like the result of some kind of mechanical cutting. There is a Hall in the

tunnel, which is 164 meters long and 153 meters wide, with a furniture like a table and chair.

It’s strange that the materials of these articles are very special, neither steel, stone, nor plastic or wood, and they are as hard and bulky as steel and stone, which has never been found on the earth

There are many metal blades in the Hall , most of which are about 100cm long, 50cm wide, 2cm thick, arranged one by one, like a bound book. There are many symbols and hieroglyphs written on the

metal plates. According to experts, those symbols are the result of regular machine stamping. More than 3000 pieces have been found.

There are many patterns made of gold in the tunnel, among which two are pyramids. each pyramid is engraved with a row of symbols. There is also a column carved with gold, which is 52 cm long, 14 cm wide and 3.8 cm thick. There are 56 squares on the column, and each square has strange symbols.

Why did the ancient Maya build such a huge tunnel? What kind of secret was hidden in the objects and words?

Coincidentally, as early as the 1940s, American ram discovered an ancient tunnel during his investigation in the dense forest of Chiapas, Mexico; the British team also found an underground tunnel in the Madre mountains of Mexico, which can lead to Guatemala.


Ancient tunnel



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According to archaeological exploration and ancient documents, archaeologists infer that there is probably a global underground tunnel across the Atlantic Ocean, connecting Europe, Asia, the United States and Africa. These ancient tunnels are probably masterpieces of ancient Maya

Underground tunnel in ancient times the most difficult mystery in the world

In March 1942, President Roosevelt took precious time out of his schedule and met with David Middleton, who had just returned from archaeological research in Chiapas, Mexico; The rums. rums bring the president a surprising news: they finally found the legendary white Indian guarding the underground tunnel in Mexico.

According to the ram and his wife, they were surrounded by blue and white Indians when they crossed the local forest, and asked them to return to the original road immediately.

and they had long heard that there was a dry and deserted Maya city in the hinterland of Chiapas The purpose of their visit is to find out the truth of this rumor.

In the 17th century, a Spanish missionary discovered the Guatemala of Central America mdash;

underground tunnels. From the map, it is more than 1000 kilometers underground in the Andes.

in order to protect the tunnels, people will develop them after mastering enough science and technology in the future. The entrances of these underground tunnels are closed and guarded by the Peruvian government, and they are listed as world cultural Heritage by UNESCO


In tunnel

German writer von Daniken once entered the tunnel. In the tunnel, he was extremely surprised to see the wide, straight passage and glazed wall. There are many exquisite rock doorways and gates in the

, and the smooth and smooth room with an area of more than 20000 square meters, as well as many average halls that appear every certain distance Ventilation shaft 1.8m to 3.1m long and 80cm wide.

There are also numerous strange prehistoric relics in the tunnel, including the Golden Book mentioned in the ancient legends of many nationalities. The strictness, grandeur and magic of the tunnel, which surpasses the wisdom of modern human beings, stunned the writer who is known for his bold imagination





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The mystery of the ancient pyramid

On the Yucatan Peninsula, there are nine towering pyramids. Compared with the earliest pyramids in Egypt, they are twin sisters. Similar buildings have been found in England and France

We are amazed by the accuracy of various data of the pyramid.

Scottish astronomer smuss made a four-month calculation of two pyramids in Egypt, and they got some thought-provoking data: the four sides of the tower are equilateral triangles, which are good at the four directions of southeast, northwest, and the ratio of the bottom to the height of the tower is just the ratio of the circumference to the radius; The height of the tower is one 270000 times the circumference of the earth’s equator and one trillion times the distance between the earth and the sun


Ancient Mayan pyramids

However, the Astronomical Orientation of the Mayan pyramids is calculated more precisely: the light of Sirius passes through the air passage on the south wall and is directed to the head of the Pharaoh sleeping in the hall above; the light of Polaris passes through the air passage on the north wall and is directed into the hall below

People always think that the pyramid is a tomb, and indeed find mummies in many pyramids.

so, will the ancient peoples on both sides of the Atlantic coincide to build a huge pyramid?

If so, why is the pyramid so out of proportion to the shrine on the top of the tower? The level of construction of the whole pyramid is so high, while the shrine is quite rough, which not only reminds us that the shrine may have been added later More than 100 years ago, some of the things unearthed from the pyramids have been recognized by people today. It turned out to be some delicate lenses, batteries, transformers, solar system model fragments, stainless steel and other machinery and tools made of unknown alloys.

According to this, it is speculated that the pyramid may have been a kind of supply bank for Maya ancestors, but because of the peculiar spatial shape inside the pyramid, the mummies parked in a certain part of the pyramid will not be corrupted, so it is understandable that a nation with an eternal desire in its mind should put its leader in the building where the supply has run out.


Ancient Mayan pyramids


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Mysterious cultural relic rocket relief

Archaeologists have been searching for mysterious Maya relics for many years. They have found many Maya artifacts, many of which are difficult to understand.

but the most surprising thing is that some of them can be identified very close to today’s cutting-edge technology.

From 1948 to 1952, Professor Alberto Ruz lhuiller, a Mexican archaeologist, found in the Temple of the inscriptions in the temple of barenge that there were nine deities in full costume on the wall of the huge stone chamber and a young relief with wonderful headdress

After careful observation, it is found that the relief is very similar to the spaceship! The picture in the relief shows a young man operating a machine. The front end of the machine is streamlined, looks very sophisticated and complex, and something similar to an instrument

The young man wears a helmet with two tubes on it. Then, he bends his waist and knees. The two hands of

are operating some control levers. The higher hand is adjusting something like a handle. The four fingers of the lower hand are operating a controller similar to a motorcycle handle


Rocket relief

Eyes looking forward.

left heel is placed on the pedal with several grooves. There is a device similar to the internal combustion engine behind the

operator. Flame can be seen from the back of the

internal combustion box. In the relief of the

Mayan inscription temple, a young man with a helmet is operating a machine similar to an aircraft.

The relief found by Professor Luli in the temple of barenge is closely related to the Maya inscriptions. In the inscriptions read out by

, one section describes “the son of the white sun, who imitates the thunderobot, spews fire from both hands;

Doubters will say that this is probably the scene that the ancient Maya imagined when they worshipped the sun.

but according to the stone carvings discovered by Professor Luli and the section recorded in the inscription, it is true .




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Crystal Skull

The crystal skull found in the Mayan remains of Belize in Central America in 1927 is even more amazing.

, a crystal skull made of quartz stone, is almost the same size as the human skull.

is 12.7cm high and weighs 5.27kg. It is carved from the skull of a woman.


Crystal Skull

According to the Crystal Skull carved by the Mayan people, it shows mature anatomy and optical technology.

is also made by using a collision technology that has not been mastered by some technology.

from the photos, it seems that not only the appearance of the skull is very realistic, but also the internal structure is completely consistent with the structure of the human skull.

The technology level is very high. The rhombus mirror hidden in the base and the eye socket are combined by hand-made lens to produce dazzling light.

We know that modern optical technology came into being in the 17th century, and it is after the rise of anatomy that human beings accurately understand their own bone structure.

crystal skull is carved on the basis of a very good understanding of human bone structure and optical principles. How do Maya master these profound anatomical and optical knowledge?

In addition, crystal is quartz crystal. Its hardness is very high, only next to diamond (i.e. diamond) and corundum. It can’t be processed with copper, iron or stone tools.

even for modern people, if they want to carve such crystal products, they can only use modern tools such as diamond.

According to the research, the crystal skull is carved by some collision force, but the technology is still not mastered.

from the perspective of this strange crystal skull, the technology mastered by the Maya is quite superb. Compared with this crystal skull, the technology proud of the modern people of

is really eclipsed!

In terms of the development speed of modern scientific theory and technology, we are afraid that it will take at least 50 or 100 years for us to keep up with the technological level of the Maya. Did the Maya really make these magical Crystal Skulls?




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Because, there is no evidence that there is a gradual change, or a transitional stage, in this miraculous civilization in the jungles of Central America.

does not have a development process from low to high, is all of this from the sky?

Perhaps, all of this really came down from the sky! The ground archaeology did not find the trace of the transition form in the early stage of civilization, and there was no clue to analyze the myths and legends before this.

the Maya civilization seemed to expand to the surrounding land overnight.

All Maya civilizations are shrouded in a mystery, like refusing us to analyze, locked in darkness.

indeed, so far there have been many hypotheses about the demise of Maya in the ninth century.

For example, there are many theories about the change of weather and the change of earth, such as flood, earthquake, hurricane, etc.; the theory of infectious diseases, the economic problems caused by population expansion and repeated fire field work; the social problems caused by invasion of foreign enemies, war between cities, chaos of farmers’ judgment, and the theory of collective suicide, etc., which are too numerous to enumerate, but there is no sufficient evidence to believe

Therefore, we want to explore several mysteries about the origin of outer space man from other aspects according to the “theory of the origin of outer space man” advocated by Erik and gorek brothers in the United States.

they claim that the important basis of the “Maya = outer space man” theory is the “Zhuojin calendar” of Maya, which sets a year as 260 days.


Maya sculpture

In other words, they think that the Maya with such a high level of astronomy do not want to make up the “Zhuojin calendar” which is groundless in the revolution period. This calendar is only a calendar used by the Maya to show the arrival of their own “Hometown” and “extraterrestrial planets”; It’s the planetary calendar of Maya’s hometown, so we can know what kind of planet this planet is

The planet with a revolution period of 260 days should be located in the middle of Venus and the earth, and the planet is also very warm.

therefore, the reason why the ancient Maya chose to live in the hot tropical rainforest on the earth can also prove this point.

  据他们兄弟所言,外太空人=玛雅 是数数十万年前,为采矿而离开故乡的行星,来到X行星的.



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There are several points in their propaganda that can provide temporary answers to the questions so far.

is as follows:

1. Just as the civilizations of the old era flourished there, the planets of their hometown provided them with food and spaceships.

so the Maya did not have to live in the river basins of fertile rivers.

2. The Maya of the civilized age refused to contact with the primitive people of the earth at that time.

therefore, although a city with deep cultural level has been built, it still adopts the closed policy.

3. In order to build a stone city group, they also used various technologies that were not available at that time, and used the indigenous people as the driving force

4. Most of the religious rituals that are regarded as “offerings to gods” are actually human anatomy and medical operations of human beings on earth.

the scenes of these animals are also left in carvings and murals.

5. aliens = Maya left the earth together in the ninth century because the Indians in the Mexican plateau started a war to take the Maya civilization as their own.

so the Maya put all the equipment and appliances on the spacecraft and flew to outer space.

There is a book that can probably prove this, that is, in the early 18th century, by the Christian priest Francis simmenius, the discovery of “popoulov” (translation of “the origin of the Indian state of Guatemala”), almost no account of the Maya themselves, but the myth of the Maya themselves This ancient story of the Maya is written in the language of the Qiji ethnic group of the Maya.

if according to this book, then human beings and the world have been created and destroyed three times.

and in the fourth time, the world and human beings were created, but the ancestors of the Qiji ethnic group say that other nations are totally different from their legendary ancestors.

As long as they stare, they can see the sky and the round surface all the time (they even know that the earth is round).

in addition, they can even see things in the far distance without moving, and make a correct judgment quo; – this is a hypothetical statement for tracing the mystery of Maya civilization

In a word, the mystery of building the world’s largest super civilization and disappearing the golden age Maya under the unknown conditions in the tropical jungle area where the Chinese people are lost is too profound. When can

find out the whole picture?


Maya civilization and alien relations

Diquel, from Texas, gave up his highly paid job as a bank and turned to the archaeological problem of the disappearance of Maya civilization.

he boldly proposed that the disappearance of Maya civilization was caused by drought After several years of traveling to Mexico, the Arctic and other regions, he finally found the evidence that the tropical rainforests of China and the United States had experienced a major drought in the ninth century. The theory that the drought of

led to the disappearance of highly developed civilization in a short period of 100 years seems to be still not accepted by most people;


Huge Maya architecture

Pyramids don’t lie, antiques don’t lie, magic astronomical knowledge doesn’t lie, all the evidence left by aliens can’t lie

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