Four wonders of nature in China

The journey of getting close to nature is more pure and beautiful. Maybe it can let you get closer to your heart and find yourself in the journey. is the four wonders of nature in China. may have the scenery you are familiar with, but when they seal the title of nature, people feel that they should breathe deeply here. rime The low air temperature in winter is too cold to bear, but this is the time when the rime is at its peak near the Songhua River Guilin landscape…

The journey of getting close to nature is more pure and beautiful. Maybe it can let you get closer to your heart and find yourself in the journey.

is the four wonders of nature in China.

may have the scenery you are familiar with, but when they seal the title of nature, people feel that they should breathe deeply here.


The low air temperature in winter is too cold to bear, but this is the time when the rime is at its peak near the Songhua River

Guilin landscape

in the long years, the beautiful mountains and waters of Guilin have attracted countless literati, who have written many well-known poems and articles, carved more than 2000 stone carvings and Bi books. In addition, history has left many historic sites here.

these unique cultural landscapes inevitably make people have to visit mountains is to read history, to see mountains is to see paintings Guilin landscape

The Xiangbi mountain on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival in
is even more beautiful, attracting many tourists. Although it is in the off-season in spring and winter, it is known as Guilin with little snow in three winters and flowers in four seasons. It also attracts many tourists because of the grand festivals such as Dong fireworks Festival, Yao wind ban Festival, Zhuang March 3 and Gongcheng Peach Blossom Festival The hot spring scenic spot can also enjoy the warm winter brought by the hot springs in the dense forests of mountains

stone forest a Stone Forest

stone forest is not only a natural landscape, but also a human landscape. The life style of the Yi Sani people accompanying the stone forest not only creates a rich history and culture, but also creates a variety of folk culture and art represented by “Ashima” (Yi language “golden beautiful girl”)

, with its unique language and characters, rich poetry and legends, colorful national costumes, fiery and unrestrained national songs and dances, simple and rough wrestling competitions, and unique wedding and funeral styles, all reflect the cultural charm and regional characteristics of the ancient nation.

Stone Forest

ASMA, long poem, has become a long narrative poem classic of China’s ethnic minorities, which has been translated into more than 20 kinds of characters and widely spread in the world. ASMA, film, is well-known at home and abroad

Kunming Stone Forest is also known as Yunnan stone forest, which corresponds to the ashhatu Stone Forest in northern stone forest and Inner Mongolia.

70 million years ago, there were more than one thousand square kilometers of stone the “forest”, a sea made of stone and a forest for rock sculpture

Three Gorges a Three Gorges

the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River refer to Qutang, Wuxia and Xiling Gorge between Chongqing and Hubei Province.

the Three Gorges are the places where the people of Chongqing and Hubei Province live, mainly inhabiting the Han and Tujia people, who have many unique customs and habits.

the Three Gorges

the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River is a place of outstanding talents.

this is one of the birthplaces of ancient Chinese culture, the famous Daxi Culture, shining with splendor in the long history.

the journey of getting close to nature is more pure and beautiful. Maybe it can let you get closer to your heart and find yourself in the journey.
a632 is the four wonders of nature in China.
a632 may have the scenery you are familiar with, but when they seal the title of nature, people should feel that they should breathe deeply here.

9 natural wonders of China

a detailed count of the domestic natural landscape, let people have a lot of amazing scenery, let people also have a lot of amazing scenery, but there are so many places in China, but let people see the incomparable blush, incomparably amazing!

these strange landscapes after the baptism of nature are so similar to the secret places of people’s bodies, so lifelike that any word, such as uncanny workmanship, natural works, and ingenious writing, is not enough to describe the magic of these landscapes

one, double milk peak in Guizhou

is located in Zhenfeng County, Guizhou Province, 9 kilometers away from the county seat, on the main road of Zhenfeng mdash; Guiyang.

covers 40 hectares, with an altitude of 1265.8 meters and a relative height of more than 261.8 meters.

the two towering stone peaks are the same as the plump breasts of women. They are so lifelike that women blush and men’s hearts beat. They are called “Virgin Mary” by the local Buyi people and known as “the first wonder peak in the world”.

from the geological point of view, shuangru peak is the unique peak forest in karst landform, and it is a marvelous natural creation.

according to the geographer’s research, such a harmonious and lifelike shuangru peak is unique in China, and there is no similar discovery in the world. It is known as the unique peak forest .

is even more surprising, from different perspectives, is the shape of double milk at different ages.


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Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

under the double milk peak, there are continuous fertile fields and fertile soil, and the Sancha River water in the shape of jade belt irrigated, which raised the common people of this side and bred the offspring of this side, making the Buyi style under the double milk peak more mysterious.

nourishes essence, nourishes Qi, nourishes heaven and earth, nourishes cloud, nourishes fog, nourishes sun and moon this is the highest worship of the double milk peak.

2. Yinyang Yuanshi of Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan

The Danxia Mountain is more famous after
‘s successful application for the world heritage.

visitors to Danxia Mountain must not miss two scenic spots, yangyuanshi and yinyuanshi.

the marvelous work of nature is not as good as the reality of the two stones in Danxia Mountain. It’s amazing for all people. Only by seeing it with your own eyes can you know how the landscapes like

are shocked

Yangyuan stone of Danxia Mountain in Shaoguan

Danxia Mountain Yangyuan stone has been standing proudly in the sky for 300 thousand years, holding up the sky with full tension, laughing at the mountains standing in the sky and accepting the baptism of the sun and the moon and the worship of believers.

according to the experts and scholars who came here to investigate, this stone is a unique and natural object, which is unique in the world. Therefore, it is called “the first stone in the world” and “the best in the world”

The name of the
stone pillar is Yangyuan stone. It takes the Yangyuan of Yanggang and Yuanqi, which means Yangyuan.

Yinyuan stone of Danxia Mountain

what happens in the world is really amazing. In the natural environment of an area, there are always men and women . It seems that the heaven has specially arranged it

and yangyuanshi lie on the Xianglong lake, which is less than 5 kilometers away from the river. The yinyuanshi, known as the “No.1 scenic spot in China” and the “No.1 female in the world”, is hidden in the deep mountains and valleys.

is 10.3 meters high and 4.8 meters wide, just as it magnifies the female shade by a hundred times.

is not only the proportion and shape, but also its charm lies in the pink color, the smoothness and softness of the inner and outer stone walls, the natural decoration formed by the shrubs and weeds around it

people call this scenic spot “mother’s stone” and “gate of life” with its shape, proportion and color; Yin Yuan Stone is quietly hiding in a valley outside the sky, accompanied by mountains, streams, shrubs and grass. Yang Yuan Stone and Yin yuan stone stand side by side with each other in one Yang and one Yin, one hardness and one softness, one big and one small.

The fairy rock and golden gun peak in Longhu Mountain




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Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

fairy rock mdash; the gate of life

fairy rock is a huge rock wall. She also has other nicknames: “fairy shows flowers”, “siyuanbi”, “mother of the earth”.

listen to her name, you may be able to guess what the secret is. Yes, fairy rock is similar to a naked woman’s lower body, and it is lifelike and natural, and it is ecstatic

fairy rock faces north from south, ten feet high, with two sides open and symmetrical. There are green grass in the middle. The lines are clear and graceful. It looks like a female’s vagina and is exposed in the embrace of nature

It’s hard to imagine that the fairy rock is formed naturally, but it’s a masterpiece of nature. The fairy rock of

is also known as “the only one in China and the most unparalleled in other countries”. It’s also called “the No.1 wonder in the world”. It’s popular among local people as “mother of the earth”; As the incarnation of earth mother and the source of life

golden gun peak

golden spear peak is 2km away from the tourist center of Longhu Mountain, near Qianshu village.
a632 golden spear peak is a purple sandstone structure. After thousands of years of change, the rock around golden spear peak has been eroded and collapsed, forming a stone pillar of Fangshan Mountain, leaving a lonely peak.

The “golden gun peak” of
is an unparalleled golden gun tumbler. It stands in a high sky and is natural and elegant. It’s spectacular.

is 70 meters high, top and steep. golden spear peak echoes the fairy rock in the south. For thousands of years, people have worshipped it as a symbol of female and male roots.

Longhu Mountain is more influenced by Taoist culture. The Taoist temple on the mountain and the ancient town of Shangqing at the foot of the mountain are full of traces of Taoism

where there are mountains, there must be water. When the Qinghe River flows by, it adds some color to the Longhu Mountain. The human activities here have quite a history. On the cliff along the river, there are many hanging coffins of ancient Yue people

IV. ancient cave in ALU, Yunnan

Alu ancient cave is located in Luxi County, which is more than 166 kilometers away from Kunming. It is a group of typical underground karst caves with karst landform. It is an ancient and magical underground cave with nine peaks and eighteen caves, and also one of the most spectacular natural karst caves in Asia

there are many kinds of stone flowers in the ancient cave of ALU, which almost have all the landscapes defined by the geological karst science, and each has its own image, such as rosy clouds greeting guests, ancient lotus hanging upside down, valley God clock, ancient tortoise looking at the moon, Wei Wang’s order of troops, heaven made gods and so on. They are marvellous and lifelike, and the power of non creation cannot be achieved


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Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

plus crystal clear stone stalactites, which are decorated with strange lights, make you feel more like a fairyland in the picture.

Xu Xiake, a famous Traveler in Ming Dynasty, was fascinated by this. He twice visited the cave and left the famous sentence “the water of Luyuan flows into the lower cave and the cave group of Luyuan flows into the hanging rock”.

Meng Huo once became a leader here, and Zhuge Wu Hou also swayed the feather fan here. history and reality, myth and legend, celebrities and beautiful scenery are mutually reflected in ALU, which makes Alu ancient cave reflect a magical brilliance and color. a 60216

Alu ancient cave has developed and opened three dry caves, Luyuan cave, Yuzhu cave and Biyu cave, and a water cave with a total length of more than 3000 meters. There are different shapes and styles in the cave, among which Canyon, hall and palace are integrated

There are hundreds of scenic spots in
, which are connected by three layers, one step at a time and one step at a time. The bell and milk are suspended in the cave, and stalagmites are standing in the forest. The color of the cave is like Jasper, it is magnificent and transparent, it blends along the river, and it is rich in development

five, Gongmu mountain, Yanyuan, Sichuan

Gongmu mountain, located 5 kilometers southwest of Yanyuan County, is named for its appearance similar to two male and female genitals

Gongshan mountain: it is more than 40 meters high, like a bamboo shoot in the sky; it is more than 100 meters away from Gongshi, and the mother rock is corresponding to it.

mother rock is nearly 100 meters high, with a strong bottom, a fat middle part and a slightly elliptical peak. There is a natural and integrated crack in the

, which can allow one person to pass leisurely, like a huge lotus petal.

is even more incredible is the surrounding mountains, either forest or grass, only this male and female two stones, bare red and brown rocks, mother stone peak but also an unknown ancient tree, evergreen all the year round.

is as tall as the sun, straight into the sky, soft, charming and open-minded.

both Gongshan mountain and Mu mountain are reddish brown, belonging to Danxia landform. The two mountains are hundreds of meters apart, echoing each other and full of interest

Gongshan mountain is about 40 meters high. It is like a bamboo shoot breaking through the earth. It is tall and upright. It stands tall and straight into the sky.

mother mountain: about 100 meters high, with strong bottom, fat central part, slightly round peak top, natural cracks at the bottom, forming a gorge hole, which can accommodate one person to pass through


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Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

For thousands of years, people have regarded Gongmu mountain as a holy place. There are often good men and faithful women who come to pray for the gods to worship the Buddha, burn incense and paper, pray for the peace of the family, and their children and grandchildren are prosperous. Many legends have been deduced

Gongmu mountain is not only the holy land of the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, but also the holy land of the local reproduction worship for thousands of years.
a632 mountain temple is magnificent, with carved beams and painted buildings, and resplendent.
a632 Ming Dynasty buildings Baoen temple, Yuhuang temple, Lei Zu temple, Xianzi temple and Wenchang Palace are hidden in the forest.

6. Root peak and mother gate of Alashan people

aolunbragg town is the only town of Alxa League that goes deep into Hetao irrigation area. The local people call it “six regiments”.

is gradually known by the outside world because of its magical tourism resources, among which the most mysterious are: rengen peak and Mumen cave.

rengen peak: there are many legends and speculations about this undaunted “rengen peak”.

Some people say that it is a totem product of ancient human sexual worship and a man-made work; some say that it is a legacy of Fuxi and Nuwa’s creation here in the Hunhuang era; there are also legends that Mu Guiying of the Song Dynasty, after tying a horse here, gave birth to Yang Wenguang.

all these mysterious colors make people from all directions, especially those infertile men and women, come here thousands of miles to kneel and pray for God’s blessing

in fact, if you look at the geological features around it, you can see that it is a natural product, carved in thousands or even tens of thousands of years

rengen peak is located in the mountain where rocks and sand are mixed. The strong wind erosion and the impact of rain make the sand and stone run off all around. It gradually rises up and sits in the embrace of a half moon shaped mountain, forming a unique ancient landscape

is a natural wonder located in the west of the dream Canyon in the western part of Alxa. The sign says “Shenshui cave”, but the local people call it “mother gate cave” according to the shape of the cave.

is amazing that there is water overflowing in the cave, which is rich in minerals. People drink sweetly.

the creator uses the hand of nature to create the human root peak and the mother gate hole for us. It’s really worth watching and appreciating.

7. The “stone” of the great Yu mausoleum in Shaoxing;



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Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

Dayu mausoleum itself is a large-scale classical style building complex, which is composed of three parts: Yuling, Yuci and Yumiao. It covers an area of more than 40 mu, with a building area of more than 2700 square meters, and is listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit

On the East hillock of the main hall of the Yu mausoleum, there are more than two meters high and many inscriptions since the Han and Tang Dynasties.

It is said that as a tool for Dayu’s burial, the
stone came from Beichuan (ancient Shiquan), the birthplace of Dayu. It was made of Yu cave and stone rubbings in Beichuan County, Sichuan Province. There are many inscriptions left by scholars and scholars since the Eastern Han Dynasty

8. Mimunyan, Xuanhan, Sichuan

In the hinterland of Bailixia scenic spot in Xuanhan County,
, there is a famous scenic spot called “shy girl rock”.

shy girl rock is actually a big crack in the middle of the mountain, which forms a cave. Compared with the female Yin, it is not only similar in shape, but also similar in spirit

this crack is very high, at least ten meters high, and when it is close to the ground, the cave opening is slightly expanded, just like a female sitting posture, slightly separating her legs, slightly opening the vulva

at the top of the crevasse, there is a bush, which is just like the pubic hair of a woman. The tourists praise themselves one after another: too much, too much!

it is said that there used to be water dripping down the cave and the sound of the water was gurgling, so the cave became more magical.

but now the water is not flowing. Why?

someone told me that in the early days of liberation, a female cadre rode by with a gun. It was said that the cave was like a female shade, and the water was still flowing in it. Many people still burned incense and kowtowed to it. They were like gods. They said angrily, “what’s the use of keeping this obscene thing!”! Then he pulled out his gun and fired two shots at the cave. After that, the water in the cave stopped flowing

9. Leizhou, Guangdong Province phallus Tree

in the farm of Nanguang farm, Leizhou City, Guangdong Province, on the main branch of a tall tree, a huge phallus was grown, and two huge testicles were raised under the phallus . This alternative landscape really made women see colorless and men couldn’t smile

it is reported that this tree is a mahogany tree. It has been more than 20 years old. The place where the “phallus” is formed is exactly the scar of the sawed off branch rod when the tree was repaired in the first two years. It is the result of the automatic healing of the scar of the tree.

  或许是应验了无心插柳柳成荫 ,在意料之外,却奇迹般长成颇像男性的阳具,成了天下奇闻.

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Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

10. Guangdong Xinyi female shade tree

recently, a citizen of Xinyi City, Guangdong Province, also found a tree growing strangely in a remote mountain forest in the city. One part of the tree looks like a female’s reproductive organ. It’s called “female shade tree”.

under the guidance of the citizen who found this strange tree , the reporter came to the place where the citizen pointed out, and saw a tree with two pimples on the left and right. Looking at its shape, it really looked like the female’s pubic part. In the middle of the

tree, a hole was concave, like a female reproductive organ.

reporter noticed that the strange shape of the tree was not made by human beings. according to the citizen who first discovered it, he used to walk here before, but he didn’t notice it until a few days ago.

there are many wonders in the world. Although Chinese people are still shy about sex, there have been sex museums all over the world, even in China, and sex culture has become a discipline So let’s visit these blushing and shy places and see what amazing exhibits are in the sex museum.






















悬空寺始建于1500多年前的北魏王朝后期,北魏太和十五年(公元491年),历代都对悬空寺做过修缮,北魏王朝将道家的道坛从平城,今大同南移到此,古代工匠根据道家不闻鸡鸣犬吠之声 的要求建设了悬空寺.










Top ten lakes in China and top ten characteristic lakes in the world

Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long









海通募集20年,筹得一笔款项,当时有一地方官前来索贿,海通怒斥:目可自剜,佛财难得! 遂自抉其目,捧盘致之 .











  武当山有七十二峰p三十六岩p二十四涧p十一洞p三潭p九泉p十池p九井p十石p九台等胜景o风景名胜区以天柱峰为中心有上p下十八盘等险道及七十二峰朝大顶 和金殿叠影 等.












此处临江有一俯高十多丈,陡壁孤峰拔起的巨石,相传为女娲补天所遗的一尊五彩石,故称石宝 .

此石形如玉印,又名玉印山 .

明末谭宏起义,据此为寨,石宝寨 名由此而来.






  紫禁城(Forbidden City)是中国明、清两代24个皇帝的皇宫.



Top ten lakes in China and top ten characteristic lakes in the world

Manta rays: flying in a ghost like ocean up to 7 meters long

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