The world after human death, perhaps aliens are the result of human evolution after death

It is believed that everyone has the fear of death, but no one knows about the world after death. However, some time ago, a botanist painter painted the world after death after he woke up. The contents of the picture shocked the world and let us have a glimpse of the world after death In China, people need to go to hell after death and reincarnate. Recently, it is said that reincarnation is real and has happened. However, the scientific definition of death is completely different from that of vegetative…

It is believed that everyone has the fear of death, but no one knows about the world after death. However, some time ago, a botanist painter painted the world after death after he woke up. The contents of the picture shocked the world and let us have a glimpse of the world after death In China, people need to go to hell after death and reincarnate. Recently, it is said that reincarnation is real and has happened. However, the scientific definition of death is completely different from that of vegetative people. What does death mean? What is the world like after death? In this paper, we will introduce the things about death. Through the introduction of this article, we can increase the awe of death.


No matter how long you live, you are doomed to die.

in this respect, has a certain relationship with human aging.

your body is made up of about 60 trillion cells.

makes new cells by copying old cells, and changes old and new cells, so the body grows continuously However, as you get older, the ability to make new cells will gradually decrease, while the old cells will increase. This is the reason for aging. If aging intensifies, wrinkles will increase, teeth will fall off, and diseases will become easy. The body will stop functioning and die soon

Everything is a cycle, from the cycle of the universe to the four seasons, the birth and death of living things.

there seems to be nothing in the world that does not repeat.

I believe that the earth repeats the civilization that perished long ago The earth is only a tiny part of the universe, and the universe is a part of what? Perhaps the existence of the universe is just a thought, thought created the universe, and the universe created ideas… It is a cycle


Death is only a part of the cycle and will create new life. All one can do is to conform to the law and nature

It is an irresistible natural law that people go from children to juveniles, from youth to middle age and finally to old age.

before old age, all organs function well and function normally However, in old age, the functions of various organs of the body are not as good as before, and their resistance is also reduced. At this time, the chances of getting sick are more than before; Diseases of other organs often endanger our lives.

although science and technology and medical services are developing rapidly in today’s society, cancer is still the devil that no one can control


The human body is like a machine, which will be scrapped after normal wear and tear to a certain period of time; accidents can also damage people.

whether in theory or in practice, people can not live forever

But people can also appropriately extend their life span, such as regular exercise, keep the spirit happy and so on

Life in the world is just a sojourn. After death, waiting for the final judgment, the righteous will rise and live forever, and the wicked will die again and forever.

but whether it is the last life or the last death, you always exist.


2. What do people feel before they die

The first one is to breathe into the palm of your hand, and feel that the breath is cold.

breathe out into the palm of your hand. Generally, the breath we breathe out must be hot, and this feeling is cold.

The second is that you can’t see your own shadow in the pupil of other people’s eyes.

generally, this can be seen, any one can be seen, but the dying person can’t see it

The third is four major attenuation, severe pain in limbs

The fourth is that the stool turns white

The fifth is that the teeth become very dry and black

The sixth one is that the ear has withered and lost its luster.

so we said that the ear is also very important. When we saw this ear, it suddenly had no luster and withered, and it was almost six months.

The seventh is the nose. It’s askew. It’s askew.

The eighth is in broad daylight, when other people can’t see, they can see the stars in the sky in broad daylight

of course is the midday sun, not to say that it first rose in the morning, when the noon sun looks, people look, oh, very dazzling, dare not look, he can quietly look at not dazzling


The tenth is that the urine turns sour.

has a lot of sour gas and sour taste. This is the tenth.

The eleventh is under the sun or under the moon. You can’t see your own shadow. There is no shadow

The twelfth is that the lines on the forehead will swell up

The thirteenth is that there will be a red pimple in Dantian.

The fourteenth is the pain in the soles of two feet, Yongquan point and Yintang on the soles of the feet.

, the thirteenth and fourteenth, if any, will be very dangerous

fluctuates violently for no reason and cannot control himself

If one of these signs appears, one of them may be gone within six months, especially the thirteenth and fourteenth items. If there are some, the life span is only about three days


So what to do at this time? These 15 signs, if you don’t have relief, the 15 telegrams sent by Yama before he comes to pick you up. After receiving them, you should quickly practice and recite Amitabha to live in pure land.

then, if there is inheritance, it’s OK to break the tiles as soon as possible.

This is from the appearance.

inside? The inside depends on the breath.

also know from the breath that looking at the breath is, can also be judged by this breathing

If it is on the left side, the left nostril breathes more than the right nostril, then it shows that the person’s life is still very long; If the right nostril breathes a lot, and the left nostril has little breath, the life will be shorter.

therefore, there is a reason for Buddha’s disciples to lie auspiciously on the right side. When you lie on the right side auspiciously, the left nostril will breathe more.

But women can do the opposite, because their physiological structure is not the same, but if you are used to the right side auspicious lying, there is no problem


3. Do people still have consciousness after death

For a long time, the words “kill your head” and “move your head” have undoubtedly become synonymous with “death”.

then, once the human head has left the body, does it have any sense in an instant? Does it fall down and divide it into two parts, and then you can’t feel anything in the world at all?

This problem is attracting numerous scientists to explore, and some experts have carried out some very interesting experiments

A wise doctor in France finally came up with a solution.

he went to the death row and found a good-quality and strong-natured bandit, and told him that if he actively cooperated with the experiment, the doctor would pay a considerable reward to raise his poor mother. The design of the

experiment was that as soon as the robber’s head fell, the doctor ran up and picked up his head, Call his name. If the head is conscious, open your eyes and have a look

The day of execution came.

when the bandit was bound to the execution ground, the doctor accompanied him to the guillotine. When the bell rang, the executioner’s butcher fell down and his head rolled down. The doctor immediately ran forward, picked up his head and called out his name. His closed eyes slowly opened, looked at him, then closed again, and when he called again, the doctor immediately ran forward, picked up his head and called out his name, But the eyes never opened again, and the doctor’s research has come to a correct conclusion: the human head is perceptive in a short time after leaving the body

In the 1980s, scientists in the former Soviet Union used scientific means to contact the head of a dead man who had been frozen for more than 60 years through a computer, In 1921, he fell into a snow pit in Siberia and froze to death.

his middle body and head were still intact and alive when they were found. The scientific experiment of

was carried out as follows: experts at Moscow base cut off the dead head, separated it from the corpse, and then contacted it with a computer. The scientists asked it six simple questions,

these six questions are: “are you comfortable and quiet? Do you know where you are? Can you remember your name hellip; hellip;. As a result, the monitoring instrument showed that there was an immediate response after the current was applied, and a few minutes later, the brain began to respond to the scientists’ questions

Two German microsurgery experts recently published a report claiming that they had kept a head alive for six days and communicated with it through technical means. The

head was left by a car accident victim with his head separated. The two doctors kept the head functional and observed its nervous system for 146 hours, The recording and monitoring of the instrument showed that the head, which had already moved, could still think clearly and make a decision. Doctor

said that the “living head” with artificial life extension was absolutely normal in the first 76 hours, and then gradually declined; 6 days later, the brain in the head died, and the two doctors’ experiments ended

scientists implanted electrodes into the skulls of the subjects and connected them to the computer so that the computer could receive the brain waves within 80 kilometers. Two of the 10 people who died in

were found to have brain waves; I’m foddy. I tell you, I’m very happy, no pain. The words “

” and “no pain” appeared more than 20 times before the brain wave disappeared. There was another leukemia patient in

. On the third day after his death, the computer screen showed: “this is a beautiful place. I’m glad to be here. I’m happy to be here; This experiment shows that there are brain waves after death

The above experimental findings are of far-reaching significance for future scientific research. First of all, in terms of the judgment standard of death, the traditional view was that people’s heart stopped beating was death, but now scientists have proposed that the disappearance of brain waves should be the basis for judging death, It is possible to avoid sending some patients whose hearts have stopped beating but can still bring back the dead to the crematorium

for example, if there are brain waves after death, which are related to certain experiences of the dead, we can develop an instrument to record and decode the brain waves of the dead, If the victim is murdered, then the contents or clues related to the murder case may be deciphered from the brain wave of the deceased, such as the scene, location, details of the murder or the appearance of the murderer, which will bring great help to the public security organs in the detection of criminal cases, and even produce breakthrough progress,

we can also record the brain waves of the dead by recording the brain waves of the dead, and decipher the contents that the dead want to explain but have no time to explain, so as to fulfill the wishes of the deceased and comfort their spirits in heaven

These ideas seem to be unrealistic fantasies, but many scientific realities often come from scientific fantasies.

in a sense, without fantasy, there is no reality.

perhaps one day human beings will uncover the secret of death, turn this fantasy into reality and benefit mankind.

4. Can people really grow hair and long whiskers after death?

There have always been diametrically opposite views on whether human hair can continue to grow after death. The reason is that all organs and cells in the body have died after death. The cells that make hair in

will still grow some hair after death due to the reserve of raw materials in a certain period of time According to the opponents, it is a strange superstition.

after death, hair follicles lose blood supply, living cells become dead cells, how can hair grow again? The so-called hair can grow after death, but actually the skin of the corpse shrinks, revealing the hair that is about to grow inside

In March 2003, a British Journal talked about this issue: “we generally believe that heart beating is a necessary condition for all organs to function. However, in fact, only organs with the highest metabolic requirements (such as the brain and liver) need continuous oxygen and nutrient support; Many other cells in the body can also get energy through quot; hypoxia breathing quot; and quot; be enough to make the cells in hair follicles and nail roots divide for several hours during the process of human body cooling after death

if this statement is correct, it can not explain the Panchen’s one centimeter black hair, let alone the following strange phenomena:

There is a Buddhist temple named yuechongkao in Dongsai Town, Taogong Prefecture, Thailand. The abbot of the temple,

, died on January 1, 1979. According to the local customs and customs, the monks of

Buddhist temple buried his body first, and then opened his coffin for cremation three years later However, on April 30, 1982, when the tomb was dug up to cremate the 90 year old monk, it was found that the body of manfo spirit was not rotten, and the head was covered with silver white hair of 12 cm, and a quot; 8 was born on the upper lip of his mouth;

changed his original intention to cremate the corpse and decided to build a corpse booth to preserve the remains of the manfo spirit. The remains of the manfo spirit were wrapped in cassock, showing only the head, arms and feet.

wore a pair of sunglasses on his face to cover his sunken eyes So he lay in the glass coffin and was worshipped by the men and women who came

It is inconceivable that during the period of more than one year since the remains of manfo spirit were unearthed, his hair and beard continued to grow, and his hair grew from 12 cm to 56 cm long, which attracted extensive attention.

the king of Thailand visited the remains of manfo spirit for at least four times, and specially presented a royal casket to cover the monk

The corpse of manfalin can really grow hair and long whiskers? How can it grow hair and long whiskers several years after death? No one has ever solved the mystery.

5. The true secret of death

2. If we don’t have a well constructed a603, we will fall into one trap

The legend of Mencius is a trap.

it is said that ghosts in the underworld must drink a bowl of soup there before reincarnation, which can make him forget his previous life and reincarnate This myth has been deeply believed by countless people for thousands of years. How many souls suffering in the sun drink the soup without hesitation in order to usher in a new life?

To understand this conspiracy, we should start with the food problem first. Do you want to eat in the underworld? The answer is yes, as evidenced by the sacrificial food that people prepare for their relatives and ghosts on New Year’s festivals.

however, when people offer sacrifices, they probably don’t think: what do the staff in hell eat? Of course, the ten hall Yanluo can be sacrificed in the temple, and there is no need to worry about starvation. But what can the ghosts and soldiers who can’t get the sacrifice have to eat? In the literature, there is no record of financial allocation from superior authorities, that is, Tianting to hell. Hell is neither industry nor agriculture. It can be classified into the category of tertiary industry or public welfare undertakings. There is a lack of financial resources. There are thousands of ghosts and soldiers in hell. How to solve the problem of eating?

The behavior of a God in the underworld gives us a clue. He is Zhong Kui, a part-time model in the works of countless painters. As soon as he is mentioned, some people may suddenly realize that he is a ghost eater! Yes, Zhong Kui is a ghost eater.

the staff of the underworld often go on business to the sun, that is, he and the black and white impermanence are a few. The work content of

black and white impermanence is simple. Once the iron chain shakes and locks the ghost back, he can report his life and catch the working meal. His duty is to hunt down the ghosts who escape from hell When we eat out all year round, we have to solve it ourselves, which makes us discover the secret of Hell: originally, they take ghosts as food

At this time, when we examine the legend of Meng Po, the outline of a big conspiracy gradually emerges It is said that the book was written in the Song Dynasty’s jade calendar Baochao. It was recorded that the work place of Meng Po was the last stop in the hell. After drinking the soup, the ghosts were directly reincarnated. However, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the work unit of Meng Po was changed into the reception station when the ghosts just entered the hell. Why? This is one of the problems.

Mengpo soup has different tastes, such as sweet, bitter, spicy, sour and salty. Why make so many flavors? There are many punishments in hell, such as frying, boiling, frying, steaming, salting and mashing. Why are these punishments so like food processing procedures? This is the third question.

combines these three problems together with the institutional settings in hell. It is not difficult to find that the whole hell is a food processing at the same time

Assembly line:

The first stop is Meng Po. She pours all kinds of soup for the ghosts. If you dare not drink it, you will trip your feet with a hook knife and stab your throat with a copper tube. When the ghosts are unconscious, it is the day when the soup bag is initially made, and then it is sent to the next station through Naihe bridge The second station is the king of Qin Guang, one of the ten palaces of Yanluo. The main building of the king of Qin Guang is the mirror table, which is called according to people’s good and evil. In fact, it is a perspective machine for inspecting food. After the inspection, the steamed stuffed bun embryos are sent to the third station, king of Chu River, the second of the ten halls of Yanluo There are several small hells in the king of Chu River, such as five forks, copper axes, multi copper axes, Zhujie, sword leaves, etc., which are obviously used in food cutting. After cutting, the steamed stuffed bun embryos are sent to the cold storage; The ice hell is fresh-keeping, and there is a fox wolf hell in front of the ice hell, which is equivalent to the watchdog guarding the door of the cold storage. When

is transported out from the ice hell, the steamed stuffed buns will be caged. What weapon is the most commonly used weapon of

ox head and horse noodles? Two forks.

they use this fork to fork their favorite steamed stuffed buns and fry them in other halls to prepare a delicious meal on the plate!

People always think that Zhong Kui is just. In fact, he is just the soul terminator from hell

The ghost you meet may frighten you. In fact, it just wants to ask you for help or warning, but unfortunately, yin and yang are separated. It has lost the ability to speak after drinking Mengpo soup. It just wants to tell you about its tragic experience by waving its claws in front of you. But people don’t know what is left of it.

in fact, he was also a human before. Why did he scare you? There’s no reason for that. He just wants to warn people not to repeat his mistakes

So when you see a ghost, you can take in those who can, and send those with poor appearance. Don’t make a fuss. You can see Zhong Kui’s little boy urine or black dog blood!

6. Several views on death

Buddhism has the saying of “ten Dharma realms”. In Buddhism, Dharma Realm generally refers to the realm of consciousness.

in different Sutra theories and sects, the classification of opening and closing of Dharma Realm is different, including one Dharma Realm, Three Dharma realms, four Dharma realms, five Dharma realms, and ten Dharma realms

There are ten different classes of beings in the ten Dharma realms.

in the ten Dharma realms, there are Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, predestination and hearing from the top to the bottom;

There are heaven, Shura and human, and then there are animals, hungry ghosts and hell below. The first four are four sages, and the last six are Liufan.

Buddhism believes that when a person dies, the soul leaves the body and reincarnates.

As for the reincarnation of the mortal beings, the cause of their reincarnation is very complicated.

this article talks about the state of the middle Yin and the process of reincarnation


In Chinese folk belief, people become ghosts after death; Some people think that the soul after death is a ghost.

according to the Buddhist theory of six samsara, people and ghosts are one of the six samsara, so after death, only a few will be born in the ghost road.

so it is not true that people become ghosts after death Original address:

(1) Midlife stage: according to the theory that a person has a soul, the soul will naturally leave after death, and the previous life will be terminated.

after death, most people will have a 49 day free wandering period of the middle Yin body, which is called the mid Yin body stage during the 49 days of reincarnation

(2) Characteristics of the middle Yin body: Although there is no body in the middle Yin body, its soul is still conscious. This is me of the middle Yin body

is in the stage of the middle Yin body, and some will regenerate new life (obtain new life), which is the phenomenon of soul reincarnation after death

In the first 49 days, the body of the middle Yin takes seven days as a cycle, and every seven days is a life and death. After seven times of life and death, waiting for work, they go to incarnation on the seventh day


In the past, reincarnation was usually carried out in the family.

but now the state stipulates that a family is allowed to have only one child. Because the number of births is limited and the chance of reincarnation in the family is less, it can only be reincarnated outside the family

The reason why Zhongyin body wants to join the family is because of the previous life.

some collect debts, some ask for their lives, some repay their gratitude, some help their parents to start a business, and so on

Death does not mean the end, but a new beginning.

generally believes that a person will be reincarnated in the 49 days after his death, if his family can help the deceased do more good deeds during this period of time, he can help the deceased to live or reincarnate

The six ways of reincarnation include hell, ghost, beast, man, Asura, heaven and man

Those who do good will be reincarnated into three good ways after death, including the way of heaven, Ashura and humanity

Those who do evil will fall into the three evil ways after death, including the animal Road, the hungry ghost road and the hell road.

if they fall into the three evil ways, they will be difficult to get rid of


7. Is cryopreservation feasible after death?

When a person is declared dead, the cryopreservation company sends a rapid response team to process the body.

once the body enters the freezer, it is cooled to freezing point, and the blood is removed and replaced with the organ preservation solution A cryoprotectant is injected into the blood vessels of the body to prevent ice crystals from forming in organs and tissues. The body is cooled to – 130 ℃ and stored in a container at – 196 ℃

The idea of cryopreservation has always been a scientific fantasy, but proponents say future technological advances will make it possible

The latest figures show that about 150 people in the United States store their bodies in liquid nitrogen, and more than 1000 people alive plan to preserve their bodies after death.

human cryopreservation enthusiasts claim that there are three reasons for them to believe in the technology First, although the tissue needs to wait until the patient is declared dead before freezing, they can reduce brain damage by maintaining oxygen levels Finally, although body injuries during freezing are inevitable, they hope that future nanotechnology will be able to repair them

If the human body is cooled to – 5 ℃, the water in the cells will freeze and form ice crystals, which will break through the cell membrane and cause serious damage;

this requires the use of cryoprotectants to replace part of the body’s water to reduce the number of ice crystals.

so far there is no evidence that we can vitrify human organs

Says Dr. Dayong Gao, a cryobiologist at the University of Washington; We can successfully vitrify tiny objects because the smaller the size, the easier it is to control cooling and the dispersion of cryoprotectants.

but even if you succeed in minimizing freezing damage, how to thaw them safely is still a problem; The resurrection of the human body is likely not at the peak of health, but at the end of life caused by illness or aging. Advocates of

human cryopreservation say nanotechnology can one day bring solutions.

no matter how you look at this technology, human cryopreservation is a hope and belief in the future All the cryopreservation groups’ websites claim that although there is no guarantee that cryopreservation is effective, the technology has been improving

8. Is there a soul after death?

My daughter likes watching the American cartoon cat and mouse, in which there is a picture of Jerry’s soul coming out of the body.

I heard my daughter say that quot; the mouse’s soul has come out quot; so I said to her: “the soul doesn’t exist, it’s made up.
a632 she asked me why. I can only simply say,” it’s just like a monster’s before that, she had realized that there were no monsters, so she was very satisfied with my answer

Of course, my answer can not convince many adults.

in human history, almost all people believed in the immortality of the soul and the afterlife after death, but many people still believe it.

has refuted this question from the perspective of common sense and logic For example, Ruan xuanzi of the Jin Dynasty didn’t believe that people would become ghosts after death. His refutation angle is very unique: quo; people who claim to have seen ghosts say that ghosts wear clothes from their lives. Are there ghosts in clothes? Wang Chong of the Eastern Han Dynasty once refuted: “if the soul does not die after death, there will be more dead people than alive people. Now there should be ghosts everywhere;

The ancients said that the soul sometimes refers to the consciousness, spirit and psychological activities that we talk about today. It is the result of the brain physiological activity, the product of physical and chemical reactions, and can not exist without the brain.

once a person dies, the brain activity stops and the consciousness is lost, so the so-called soul disappears.

this is the scientific basis for the non existence of soul

many people have heard of such an experiment: an American doctor weighed the weight change at the moment of death, and found that there was 21g less, so he thought that people not only had soul, but also the weight of soul was 21g
in today’s view, such experimental results are meaningless, so small weight difference can be regarded as the result of measurement error or some physiological changes (such as water loss) at the time of death

There is a popular story in

that scientists in a certain country do experiments on some incurable patients and use computers to convert their brain waves into words to record their psychological activities. After their death, they receive messages from them from another world This story is just a story, and it is a poorly made up story. The brain waves of

do not encode the information of people’s psychological activities. There is no technology that can convert brain waves into words, otherwise it will be easy to interrogate prisoners

Some people believe that there is a spirit after death because they can communicate with their relatives through psychic mediums and witches. They think that the person described by psychic mediums and witches is very vivid with their relatives in their memory In fact, it’s just a kind of deception. Psychic mediums and witches make you believe what you are willing to believe, which is the same as fortune telling by using techniques such as observing words and observing appearances, inducing questions and answers, sending childcare to trample on or saying routine words in advance, and then creating a mysterious atmosphere to exert psychological hints

In recent years, the topic of near death experience and soul out of body is very hot, which also makes some people believe that there is a spirit after death.

, the American film “hereafter”, released in 2010 and directed by Clint Eastwood, borrowed a quot; scientist, atheist quot; from here on; People from different cultural backgrounds have similar near death experiences, which shows that this is not imaginary, but real. Then, through the deification of a very effective medium to promote the spirit after death However, even if the near death experience is real, it can not be used to prove the existence of the soul. It only proves that the brain experiences similar neurophysiological changes and produces similar hallucinations when people are dying In fact, through some experiments, such as taking certain drugs, artificially creating brain hypoxia, and applying electromagnetic stimulation to a certain part of the brain, the subjects can also produce hallucinations similar to the near death experience and soul out of body

Modern science tells us that the earth is not the center of the universe, even the center of the solar system There is nothing special about human beings living on the earth. It is the accidental result of billions of years of earth biological evolution.

biological evolution can produce developed brain, superb intelligence and complex spiritual activities, but it is impossible to produce a soul without material basis Human beings are only a successful but not magical species among hundreds of millions of species on the earth. There is no essential difference between human beings and other species, especially the anthropoid apes.

apes are not only physically but also psychologically separated from human beings.

are intelligent beings with emotion, language ability and reasoning ability If people have souls after death, there is no reason not to think that apes also have souls after death.

in that case, heaven and hell should not only be filled with people who have died since ancient times, but also with orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees who have died since ancient times. Moreover, they should also denounce the ape people at various stages in the history of human evolution for millions of years And if we believe that apes have souls, what about other primates? What about other mammals, vertebrates, invertebrates? What about plants and unicellular organisms?

Of course, for many people, believing that there is a spirit after death is just a kind of psychological comfort and spiritual sustenance.

however, believing that people have no spirit after death does not make people feel meaningless to live.

on the contrary, as I said to my daughter, we should cherish life more because we know that Taoist people have nothing after death If the lamp goes out, let the fire of life burn brighter and brighter before it goes out

9. Scientists analyze the world after death

In addition to motor and sensory functions, such as thinking, emotion and other mental activity functions, i.e., consciousness, are also permanently lost.

brain waves disappear. If the brain stem function of

still exists and spontaneous breathing exists, it can not be called brain death, it can only be said that it is in quot; vegetative state quot; brain stem has important structures such as reticular structure, brain nucleus, medullary vascular motor center, respiratory center and so on The loss of function of reticular structure leads to coma, and the loss of brain nerve function causes the disappearance of light reflex, corneal reflex, eyeball reflex, vestibular reflex, pharyngeal reflex and cough reflex; when medulla oblongata function stops, spontaneous respiration stops and blood pressure drops sharply until brain death


After death, the remains of organisms become part of the biogeochemical cycle.

remains may be eaten by predators or scavengers. The organic matter of

may be further decomposed by saprophytic organisms, and then returned to the environment and reused by the food chain.

will not become smaller and smaller because of the accumulation of species
saprophytic organisms include earthworms, woodlouse worms, dung beetles, etc.

In fact, philosophically speaking, the death of an individual does not mean the end of things or the death of an individual, but his legacy, problems, relationships and so on have not disappeared, but have been inherited or divided.

there is a saying of reincarnation in religion, but in fact, in philosophy, this quot; samsara quot; is actually in philosophy; person is the same. Similar environment, similar education and similar experience will probably produce two similar life


Some scholars have boldly conjectured that after death, people will enter the universe dimension space of higher boundary level, that is to say, they enter the space-time tunnel.

, however, in the space boundary layer of low dimension and high dimension, things in the two worlds can’t connect and shuttle back and forth, which is essentially the invisible material barrier But the question is, where is the matter that enters this boundary? Obviously, there is nothing we can do to study this

Is there memory in dead things, or how do you study it? Some people will naturally associate this problem with the theory of soul. The ridiculous thing is that the soul is illusory, but the universe is real

Some people have put forward a bold and a little scary hypothesis: the exploration of extraterrestrials in the universe is always going on, and aliens will soon be discovered. Maybe aliens are the result of evolution after the death of human beings.

this may be something we have never thought about.

it is not impossible So I think that after death, there may only be one kind of situation, that is, through space-time, and after crossing space-time, it may enter another universe. Maybe aliens are there

10. Where does consciousness go after death

As the saying goes, “a man dies as a lamp goes out.”;

we can easily understand that after death, whether cremated or buried, the body will eventually turn into ashes and integrate with nature Will consciousness disappear with death? What will it eventually become?

Death is a process

Most people’s response to this question is to shrug their shoulders and say, “we can’t bring the dead back to tell us, so we’ll never know the answer;

The traditional view of scientists is that consciousness is produced in neural networks. If there is no neural network, there will be no consciousness Crick, who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA double helix structure, directly pointed out that for an individual, his joy, sadness, memory and ambition, his proprioception and free will are actually the collective behavior of a large group of nerve cells and their related molecules According to these views of scientists, neural cells will lose contact with each other after death, and consciousness will also disappear

However, with the deepening of scientists’ research on this issue, people’s understanding of death has also undergone a fundamental change

It is generally believed that a person is either alive or dead, and there is no transition between the two.

that is to say, when a person’s heart stops beating and his brain stops working, the person is dead Because the heart loses its ability to pump blood, the blood can’t provide enough oxygen for the cells, and the cells in the human body will fall into a kind of “suffocation”; In about five minutes, the structure and function of these cells will be destroyed. After about an hour, these cells will be severely damaged. At this time, even if the heart returns to beating and pumping function, the person will not be able to survive.

in the following days, the cells in the human body will continue to decline until the whole body decays

From this point of view, death is not a certain moment, but a process from the heart stop beating to the gradual decomposition of body cells.

in this case, in the whole process of death, what will happen to human consciousness? Will it disappear immediately as the heart stops beating, or will it continue to exist for some time, or will it exist forever?

People die, consciousness still exists

According to foreign media reports, in 2003, Tokyo, Japan launched the “alpha 3”;

the project is a project involving famous medical experts, neuropsychologists, biologists, physicists and computer experts from Japan, the United States and some Western European countries Scientists observed more than 20 critically ill patients aged 19 to 75 years old. Electrodes were implanted in their bodies and connected with computers. The computers could receive the brain waves of these people, translate them into words within 60 seconds, and display them on the fluorescent screen of the computer, thus recording the situation of these critically ill patients from dying to dying

At that time, a 35 year old patient named BondA died of liver cancer, and he was in great pain before he died.

on the third day after his death, a message that scientists had been waiting for appeared on the computer screen: “my name is BondA, I have relieved all the pain. I am flying in the sunshine, and I am very happy hellip; hellip; After repeated several times, the message is suddenly interrupted

Another 22-year-old girl died of leukemia. The day after her death, the computer received a message from her: “I came to a very beautiful place, and I’m very happy to be here.

is sunny and warm here. I’m with my late grandparents and I love them very much. I’ll be hellip; hellip; The message is suddenly interrupted.

In fact, not only the patients who participated in the program can give feedback on their feelings after death, but also some people who are lucky enough to come back from the dead can also tell their subjective feelings when death comes

Jung, a famous Swiss psychologist, recorded in his autobiography a near death experience due to heart disease.

he felt that he had risen to a high space. Far below, he saw the earth, immersed in a brilliant blue light. Through that blue light, the outline of the earth was shining with silver white light When Jung heard this message, all the sights he saw disappeared.

said to him, “people on earth are protesting against your departure. You have no right to leave the earth. You have to go back

The description of these people who experienced near death experience is very similar to the feedback from the patients who died in the “alpha 3” project. Most of them said that they felt extremely calm and relaxed when they left their bodies. Then they were sucked into a huge black hole, where a beam of light flickered at the end of the black hole, and their relatives and friends met them at the hole

Experimental proof of consciousness

Although these facts support the existence of consciousness after death, many scientists believe that these phenomena are just hallucinations caused by brain hypoxia before death

In the 1990s, three Dutch scientists studied this. In one case, a comatose patient was sent to the hospital. By this time, his brain had stopped working and his brain waves were in a straight line.

but the doctor still decided to insert a tube into his throat to help him breathe.

in the process, the patient’s tooth sleeve was taken out A week later, he said to the nurse, “you should know where my braces are. You put them in the drawer of the cart; The patient recalled that at the moment of his death, he had been observing on it and could even describe in detail the actions of the doctor at that time, but he was very afraid that the doctor would give up rescuing him, so he tried to show that he was still alive Therefore, these scientists believe that when the heart stops beating and the central nervous system stops working, the human mind is indeed separated from the brain

At the beginning of this century, Sam middot of Stony Brook University in New York, USA; Dr. pannier proved for the first time that consciousness is real after death.

pannier put a board under the ceiling, put some small objects on top of the board, and then let the dying person lie on the bed under the ceiling He believes that if the patient’s consciousness can float after death, and can see his body, see the doctor rescue his body, and see the lights on the ceiling, then the patient’s consciousness should also be able to see these small objects If these patients can be rescued and tell what the small objects on the board are, it will prove that what the patients experienced in the near death stage is true, not illusory illusion.

pannier studied more than 100 patients and found that 7 of them could accurately tell the objects on the board This experiment fully proves that consciousness exists objectively. It can float and move, which is another form of life

Conclusion: many people believe that the soul will appear after death, and the soul is what we call the ghost. Although there are many sayings in today’s world that the ghost is real, the world after death is the place where the ghost is. Why does there exist the saying of ghost? Why do people have more awe for ghosts in modern society, because people are more interested in seeing

recently, some scientists have put forward a more imaginative view. They combine quantum mechanics and think that after death, the soul will spread to the universe in the form of quantum information What do you think of the world after death?

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